Panacea & Co. is a unique company specializing in the distribution of chemicals, lubricants, medical and automotive supplies and equipment as well as construction and industrial products.  We have become known for our ability to source and supply products even in the most difficult markets.

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Panacea & Co. is a full line distributor of goods and services used to help grow and maintain industry.

Our goal is to be a flexible supplier.  We want to grow with the needs of our customers.  So, if you don’t see a product that you need on our list, let us know.  We will research and source it just for you.

Our services include but not limited to: Automotive, Building Supplies, Chemicals, Maintenance and Health/Medical.

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We’re dedicated to finding the best way to help our customers penetrate new markets and overcome unique business challenges, predominantly in the SMB space. Our success depends exclusively on theirs. That is why we specialize in fostering new opportunities by connecting our customers with each other for broader geographical coverage, or for diversification into new technology areas and vertical business segments.

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